“What the bourgeoisie therefore produces, above all, are its own grave-diggers.”—Karl Marx
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2014 -> 2015

Yeah, 2015… 2014 was quite a year. I won’t waste a lot of words here. But bottom line: #Ferguson. #MonthofResistance gets #2. But plenty much love to all the young and old brothers, sisters and (inclusive of and no disrespect to any queer or questioning or whatevs) peeps worldwide who stood up.

But yeah…. Something definitely shifted. From my lowly and humble position on the top tier globally, something moved in the superstructure. From channeled opium of the mass media to broadband handheld simulcast livestreams from Cairo to Quito to #Ferguson. #Trayon to #MikeBrown to #EricGarner to #RekiaBoyd to #Gaza and back again, #BlackLivesMatter.

No footnote to that.

We movin’ on towards a liberated future for all humanity. Believe that. We movin’ to the barricades, my brothers and sisters (and whatevs).

I stand, from the bowels of the belly of this imperialist beast, with you on the front lines. Keffiyyah tight, from W. Florissant to Gaza to Cairo to Roosevelt Rd. to Hong Kong, the people demand liberation. We will struggle on.

I don’t have all the answers, but what we living under – capitalism and imperialism globally –  is the death of the globe. Liberation lies in the path toward socialism and communism. From the belly of the beast of U.S. imperialism, I stand with all those on the front lines of the struggle for liberation. If my life means nothing else, I stand with those that this world considers as refuse and irrelevant. Because this system considered me worse than that.

Another world is possible – and in birth. We can and must collectively craft another way forward. Let us collaborate and conspire together to bring this liberated future for all humanity into being.


January 4, 2015. Chicago, USA.

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