“What the bourgeoisie therefore produces, above all, are its own grave-diggers.”—Karl Marx
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I’m writing in solitary confinement.


With constant noise.

And walls.

Just walls.


Being beaten.

With leather belts.

As a child.

By people who were supposed to be your “parents.”

Whatever the fuck those are.

Whoever the fuck those are.

But nothing matters.

In those moments.

Strung out across seconds and minutes and days and weeks and years on end.

In the Cell.





And here I sit again.

Trying to write.

Trying to Remember.

Or Forget.

Those Cells.

Those Days.

In flashing Technicolor glow across the Grey.

White walls.

Glass one-way mirrors on prison gun towers.

With a bullet with your number and hour and minute inscribed upon each particle

Careening at light speed towards oblivion.

Remembering and Forgetting Countless Lives





And your heart beats.

A name.


Because none of it mattered.

And nothing does or ever will in your eyes

Aflame for each other but always apart.

No one ever is.

And the world ends every time you leave and reconfigures itself anew again in this fucked up position every time


Aloft on wings of Flame and Fire

Burns All of the Memories out of your Mind.


In Remembering

you are forgetting

what you wanted to be

And does that life exist?


Unbeknownst to you is another life

full of laughter

and longing

and joy

that erases

the years

With every touch of your fingertip upon my cheek.

But who would touch me?

Without shackles

and chains

and cuffs


my dying body

So certain you could lock the door and throw away the key…

But what becomes of boys and girls unwanted and unloved?

Ashamed of imaginary sins.

Of retribution

from figments

of your own

twisted imagination?



By peddlers

of lies

and trash.


Strewn across a dirty Chicago alley

full of piss

and vomit

from the regurgitated filth

That forms

In “Those Places”

That you created.

From your own

petty fears

and vainglorious


for everything

to be


In Whose Eyes?


At whose benefit?

For whose posterity?

From what other

lofty sounding

pile of shit


who lives



Those People


I was telling people about the day I was released from prison. Directly from having spent over six years straight in solitary confinement.

I was shackled and chained & handcuffed pushing a cart with the remnants of 11 years spent in the “custody” of the Department of Corrections

Went to trial from solitary confinement when I was seventeen. Spent about seven and a half years in various forms of solitary confinement

But here I am.

Among the so-called living.

Doing something resembling trying to live a life.

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Hello 2016

Been a while since I’ve done this. Writing, here, just for myself.

A lot has changed. For me, personally, as well as on a lot of fronts.

My dad died in December 2014 and my mom died in October 2015.

I managed, somehow, to make it through 2015.

Some true friends stood with me.

I’ve taken some real, important steps in my personal life.

I’ve done some writing, and made some real progress on the book.

I’ve had to accept that some of what I’m dealing with is going to take longer than I’d like.

I have still played a small part in fighting this system – and will continue to do so.

I’m regrouping, working on writing, and figuring out my next steps.

I hope to have more I can share here soon.



Chicago – January 26, 2016


Miss Geraldine Smith’s Radio Show

Recently I’ve been invited to speak on Miss Geraldine Smith’s radio program on Sunday nights with my friend Brian Nelson, Prisoners’ Rights Coordinator at Uptown People’s Law Center.


Discussing Solitary Confinement – Miss Geraldine Smith Radio Show 1-31-16
Miss Geraldine Smith Radio Show 1-24-16
Miss Geraldine Smith Radio Show 1-17-16
Miss Geraldine Smith Ratio Show 12-27-15
Miss Geraldine Smith Radio Show 12-6-15

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